Episode 8

Kino Quickies 08 - The Impassive Footman (1932) with Mel Byron

Published on: 26th October, 2022

The Impassive Footman (1932), is the earliest film in Kino Quickies season 2. It's a tense melodrama about an unhappy marriage, a foiled affair and a doctor's dilemma, all watched over by a mysterious -you might even say impassive - footman.

The film stars George Curzon as the eponymous footman, Betty Stockfeld & Allan Jeayes as the married couple at the centre of the film and Owen Nares as dashing young doctor, Bryan Daventry.

NOBODY is credited as the film's director - the candidates are its producer, Basil Dean and Graham Cutts. We try to get to the bottom of this in the Q&A.

Our guest for the Q&A is comedian and host of the Talking Pictures TV Podcast, Mel Byron.

The TPTV podcast is mostly made up of reviews of upcoming films submitted by TPTV viewers. Mel and the team are always looking for new contributors - especially of the lady variety because it's currently a bit chap-heavy. If you'd like to take part, get in touch with them on Twitter, Facebook or by email.

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The Impassive Footman is available as part of a DVD box set which you can buy here.

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Here's a very good article explaining what Quota Quickies are from the Cinema History Blog.

Well that was fascinating but now I want to find out more.

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You can hear the trailer preview episode of Kino Quickies season two HERE.

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